Apocalypse World

So, yeah, I picked up a copy of Apocalypse World on Saturday. Cool, awesome stuff.

Ogre had pointed me at Dungeon World, which is totally Apocalypse World D&D – except the difference is the classes.

Apocalypse World has classes and they’re the core of the system, really. They don’t need to be, you could have a much wider reach in selecting moves; but they do need to, really, because they’re part of the setting. Because that’s what classes are for.

I’m running Dark Sun, so Apocalypse World is, like, right there. I didn’t need Dungeon World to really want to dig into Apocalypse World for inspiration for my game (not that I’m saying Dungeon World isn’t cool in and of itself, or that I’m sorry I went and looked for it). But, yeah, I’m printing out the Fronts and 1st Session sheets and stuff and I’ll be using them for organizing my notes / play.

But classes, man… We have a Voidsoul Genasi Swordmage (and technically that’s class & race, but same thing, in this context) and we fir him in and it’s going to be cool. But that was world-building that we didn’t actually need to do, work and effort that we didn’t actually need to spend. None-of-the-above are really Dark Sun, and I kind of resent it (I’m not saying that I should resent it, or that I’m entitled to resent it, but that is a thing that I do, or rather feel, I guess).

I really kind of hate the “Mos Eisley Cantina” thing D&D tries to have going on. All that says is: “we don’t have an actual setting, we don’t have an actual game, we just have pushing our little men around on the board”. Less is more, it is, it is, it is.

One of my players said: “Storytelling is the heart of D&D”, and I don’t disagree. I’m no longer sure my disagreement has any real logical basis, but there you go. They shot down my idea for drama points and a more mechanical story push. Which is fine, and I appreciate the “it’s going to be distracting” much more than general disinterest.

So the mechanics are going to be procedural, and that’s it. Probably. I’m going to harp on the dramatic stuff, and drive the emotional suspense, and if they won’t act on it my guys (NPCs / threats) will. Maybe we’ll even reach the point where they want some way to actually say “No, screw that, he stays here instead of going off and getting eaten by the thing that’s getting stronger from munching on it’s victims brains”. Maybe.

We did make it work, and it will be awesome, and we did, and it will. And I don’t know how much of it, if any, will be mechanically relevant, but whatever. I’m mostly just posting this to get it out of my head so I can maybe get some sleep.


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